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Tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, big-rigs, a lori or whatever you want to call them, trucks are the king of the roadway. Trucks are imperative to our economy. They use our city streets, highways, and turnpikes. If you are taking a nice drive anywhere you are more than likely going to encounter a truck of some kind. You would think because of their size and weight that truck drivers would take more care when carrying their load, but the truth is they don’t. Our North Miami Truck Accident Attorneys at Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates have heard the traumatic and horrific stories from our clients. We know how dangerous trucks can be on the roadway. Because of the size and weight of a truck, a small car has no chance—nor do the occupants of the car.

Types of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers have to take certain tests in order to drive a truck. They receive a special license and they have to follow particular rules. For example, truck drivers have to fill out sleep and driving logs. These logs detail when drivers sleep and drive. They use this as evidence that they are adhering to mandatory breaks. However, when a company only pays or pays you extra when you reach your destination early or on time, drivers don’t have the incentive of adhering to the proper break schedule. When truck drivers fudge their sleep or driving logs, they are putting everyone on the road in danger. Here are several reasons for truck accidents:

  1. Drowsy driving: Truck drivers push themselves to get their load delivered causing them to work through sleeping hours. An accidental drift into someone else’s lane can lead to a severe injury for someone else.
  2. Driving under the influence: Although it may seem ludicrous for someone to be drunk or high while driving something so big, in the end, truck drivers are human.
  3. Improper driving: Whether it be not checking for blind spots, changing lanes without signaling, or any other illegal moving action, the result could be disastrous for the vehicles around the truck.
  4. Aggressive driving: As you may have witnessed already, not everyone respects truck drivers. Truck drivers may experience cars cutting them off or not letting them into traffic, but that is not an excuse to drive aggressively. Speeding or other such dangerous behaviors can cause serious injuries to those driving near the truck.
  5. Truck Malfunction: Tires blowing or engine locking are all related to drivers not checking their trucks thoroughly.

Driving a truck isn’t easy, but if it is your job then we hope you take it seriously.

What To Do

If you or someone you love has been injured after being hit by a truck then you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Choosing aggressive representation like North Miami Truck Accident Attorneys can be the difference between getting some bills paid or all of them paid. Call 305-831-4333 or click here for a free consultation with our North Miami professional attorneys at Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates today.