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North Miami Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

In a race to answer the call for green energy and reduction in carbon emission, the Bird Scooter company has bestowed their scooters onto the streets of North Miami. These fun-sized electronic scooters make getting from point A to B faster and more efficient than a car or walking. However, just because they are meant to be greener doesn’t mean that they are better.¬† As a new product, there are many unanswered questions. Even though Bird Scooters are picking up in popularity, they are also resulting in injuries leaving victims feeling helpless. What do you do when you get hurt on a Bird Scooter? Since the industry is unregulated it is hard to give a specific answer. Some attorneys are scared to take on new companies, but not our North Miami Bird Scooter Accident Attorney at Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates.

The Pros and Cons

We at Vladimir Tsirkin  & Associates believe in a safe community for our neighbors. That safety includes people walking, bicycling, driving, and now, riding e-scooters. Choosing to use a scooter is an option for you to take, but you are taking it at your own risk. However, what makes Bird Scooters unique is their desire to use independent contractors to charge and maintain their scooters. The problem with having so many third parties taking care of scooters is there is no consistency.

Several problems people have had with scooters is brake problems, faulty ignition, unable to keep speed, and abrupt stops. When you are using a scooter through heavy foot traffic or car traffic any kind of faulty part in your scooter could result in injury. Falling down off a scooter when there are people, bicycles, or cars around is not safe and could cause severe injury. Not to mention anyone has access to these scooters. There have been reports of people defecating or urinating on scooters. How many germs do you want to expose yourself to before you decide to walk or take public transit?

Kinds Of Injuries

Using an e-scooter is a great alternative to using carbon emission vehicles, but at what cost? Around 31% of accidents result in broken bones and fractures in arms, wrists, and hands. These injuries can result in the need for surgery. Some scooters go up to 15 MPH. An abrupt stop going at 15 MPH can throw someone on to the ground quickly. Are the riders solely responsible for the injuries even if the product malfunctions? Are the riders responsible when another negligent e-scooter hits them?

What To Do

The questions are endless, but our North Miami Bird Scooter Accident Attorneys are ready to get some answers. Just because you chose to ride a Bird Scooter does not mean that there is no liability on the company. We choose to get into vehicles every day, but if we get injured they are liable. Bird Scooters should not be any different. If you or someone you love is suffering from a Bird Scooter injury then call 305-831-4333 or click here for a free consultation with our North Miami professional attorneys at Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates today.