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If you or a loved one have been injured while on another person’s property and you believe the property owner is at fault, Miami Gardens premises liability attorney from the Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates is ready to step in and be your advocate. Call at 305-831-4333 for a free consultation.
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Miami Gardens Premises Liability Attorney

“We’re sorry, but we believe you caused your own injury.”

What? Is that something you may hear in a premises liability case?

It certainly is, but you do not have to accept getting bullied around by property owners or their attorneys. You can count on Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates to be by your side when you need a Miami Gardens premises liability attorney. We realize that there are times when the negligence of a property owner or their employees cause people harm. We will work to investigate what happened so we can secure the compensation you deserve.

Where Do You Go?

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that anyone allowed on their premises is safe from hazards. This includes their employees as well as invited guest. Not only are there building codes and regulations that must be followed by law, but there are also many common-sense steps they should take like ensuring floors are dry, displays are properly secured, and chemicals are properly stored.

Think about how many places you and your family go each week: grocery stores, banks, schools, office buildings, theaters, playgrounds, and more. You probably do not even think twice about safety when you are there.

Unfortunately, there are times when property owners or the people in charge of their property fail in their duties and people get hurt. Today, we want to talk about what kind of injuries can occur on other people’s property.

The most common type of premises liability claims are slip and fall incidents. The National Floor Safety Institute says that over one million slip and fall incidents lead to ER visits each year. These can happen in a variety of ways, including:

  • Wet floors from spills or leaks that have not been cleaned
  • Loose carpeting
  • Loose floor materials
  • Stairs that have no grip material
  • Uneven or broken pavement

Aside from slip and fall injuries, we know that people can get injured when proper maintenance is not completed. This includes regular inspections of store displays, benches, stairs, elevators, escalators, and parking lots.

Many businesses and private residences use chemicals for things like cleaning, pools, weed killing, and pest control. These chemicals should always be properly stored and used appropriately by trained staff.

Even private residence owners need to take steps to keep guests safe. Any hazards on their property need to be fixed or guests need to be properly warned of potential dangers.

Your Next Steps

If you or a loved one have been injured while on another person’s property and you believe the property owner is at fault, please consider seeking legal assistance. Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates is ready to step in and advocate on your behalf with insurance companies and other parties. We will ensure that you are treated fairly and receive a fair settlement. This can include compensation for your medical bills, lost income, loss of enjoyment of life, as well as punitive damages. When you need a Miami Gardens premises liability attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 305-831-4333.