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Hostile Work Environment Definition

“Work Laws Exposed” Launched

This last month my new eBook “Work Laws Exposed” launched at; this blog will, however, do much more than support the book. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding articles, tips, and breaking news from the perspective of how you can use legal strategies to have a better work life. And what does “having a better work life” mean? Here are some examples:

  1. Getting humane, respectful treatment from your boss rather than abusive behavior, sabotage, micro management or a hostile work environment;
  2. Stopping a bully or backstabbing co-worker from ruining your days, if not your life, and getting those people kicked to the curb where they fit in with the rest of the trash;
  3. Fighting back against unfair, unwarranted discipline such as a new manager who starts making crazy changes that don’t work and then starts “writing up” everyone who doesn’t worship the new manager and their ineffective style;
  4. Taking large blocks of time off of work even if your boss does not want to let you;
  5. Getting a flex schedule even if your boss tells you that you can’t have one.

In addition, since I’m writing “from behind the lines” I can also show you the latest strategies the other side (employers, their lawyers, and H.R. people) is using to minimize your workplace rights and how to counter their strategies. One of the best aspects of the “blog” format is that you can also post responses, questions, and comments about what you see in the workplace. Together we can work at finding solutions that utilize the power of the law.

And finally, are a few things that you will NOT find at or anywhere in “Work Laws Exposed”:

  • Advice that you should do a better job at meeting your boss’s needs;
  • Claims that work problems are “a two way street” and you need to be more “sensitive” toward bullies and bitches; or,
  • Psychology-based “understand-how-your-boss-thinks” advice available elsewhere on the internet.

None of that here.

I wish it wasn’t true, but in all my years as an employment litigator and adviser to H.R. departments I have never seen a jerk boss or jack ass co-worker turn into a nice person. Not once. I will never advise you to solve your problems by understanding how your boss thinks. This place is about using the power of the law to force the bad guys to treat you fairly, or to pay you a fair severance package and let you walk away with your finances and dignity in tact. Accept nothing less for yourself. You deserve it.

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