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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Video: Here’s the Only Way to Stop a Bully Boss from Giving a Bad Reference

Is your bully boss keeping you under his or her thumb by giving you bad references, so that you can’t escape?  Or have you escaped the abusive boss, only to find he is still trying to ruin your life by giving you bad references?

Here is the one and only way to force the boss to stop sticking their mean words into your hopes and plans to move on.  It’s simple, and I event give you a letter template to use.  Just watch the video (which gets right to the point).


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  1. I ma really happy to hear this information because I have been wrongfully fired from my job. This happened in August 2010 and I have not been able to find a job since then. A coworker told me before I was let go from my job, that the surgeon we worked for was going to make certain that I would never get a job in our city again!! I have had only four interviews since January of 2011 and I am certain that I am qualified for those positions. One interview I did go to was a dentist whom I know, and my former employer knows also, told me that my former employer was spreading completely negative things about me. In other words, giving out bad reference. I have lost everything!! I am 58 years old, lost my home, lost my car, have no money at all, and lost all hope!! This former employer is like no other person I have ever encountered in my life. He is a sick individual, plays all these mind games, is truly malicious, conniving,evil and tells lies unbelievably. Oh, not to mention he has a drug habit and that is why I got fired!! I knew his little secret and he felt threatened so out I went!! What can I do? Now this is state of Louisiana and the laws are different!! I welcome any help..

  2. Mommeko,

    You definitely need to follow the steps to let your ex-boss know that you will file a defamation lawsuit if he releases *anything* other than name/rank/serial # to your potential future employers.

    Don’t delay. You also should turn him in to the state agency that licenses doctors, because he has a drug addiction. They would be very interested to know that little fact.


  3. Morgan360 says:

    Dear Curt,
    First, I would like to thank you for creating this website! Love your “Video: Here’s the Only Way to Stop a Bully Boss from Giving a Bad Reference”
    I have a situation that I like your expertise on. I recently joined and exclusive department store as an cosmetic counter manager. Most of the other counter managers and other employees keep face by being cordial, however, there is one counter manager that is a bully and with cold stone attitude! She and I unfortunately share the booth together. I’ve made several attempts to be pleasant and complementary but given up and now i just ignore her. So, yesterday we had inventory. I was sitting on a small stool, with drawer completely open leaving zero room to move around scanning and counting the products when the cold stone woman we’ll call Sally, walked directly at me and with a condescending tone of voice she said “excuse me”, it took me few seconds to respond to her rude and inconsiderate interruption because i was in a middle of count as. I replied by saying; I am in middle of inventory and then I suggested that she goes around the Ilse, which is about 10 feet. Then she said “No” “you are just gonna have to move” then she forced herself through by kicking my right hip and pushing down on my entire back with her leg to make room for her to pass through! I was shocked, surprised, speechless. I have never encountered such behavior! There were 2 other counter managers that saw this. Humiliated and shocked, I went to my immediate supervisor. She asked that we stay away from each other until our meeting in couple of days. I reviewed our company policy and procedures but I need to know what are my legal rights and what can I expect from my HR?
    Look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

  4. What about Employment Applications that look like you are signing away your rights ? For example; here is one from Micro Motion at the end of the Application states “I authorize my former employers and references to give Micro Motion, Inc., all information they have with respect to such matters concerning my personal character and qualifications” Another paragraph states ” I agree that if I am employed by this company, a full transcript of my records as an employee, including reason for termination, may be given to a prospective future employer on his request, and do hereby release this Company from any and all liability or damages whatsoever in furnishing such information”

    This looks like a company say anything about a person after signing this statement and not be liable ?

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