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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Tweeters Hate Working, Especially on Mondays

Tracking comments on Twitter about work related topics has been like getting to see all the morning drive-time auto collisions, all across the country, all at once.

People on Twitter like to gripe, and they like to gripe about work.  The following comments come from tracking the words “Hate work” over the last 48 hours, which includes the weekend!  You would think there would be less anger expressed toward one’s job on the days most people are off work… but, maybe those who are forced to work weekends are especially vocal with their angry dismay over laboring away while their friends play (one Tweet said almost exactly that).

Without further ado, here’s the best of hating work from Twitter posts during the last 48 hours.  (If my readers find this “best of Twitter” concept interesting, I have a nice collection of posts on peoples’ feelings toward their “boss” and “job” that could also become a blog post).

  • I hate the feeling of a hang over and being drunk yet again and having work tomorrow. It freeking suxxxxx afsfgshjsjdjdj
  • Missing my small group peeps and my Sunday night dinner date with friends. I hate work.
  • I can’t sleep! I have to be up at 5. I hate going back to work after vacation!
  • dreading work in the morning!!!! i hate mondays
  • Headed to work in a dumb smiley happy fog. I hate people like me.
  • I hate it when I arrive at work thinking there’s nothing big on today, then remember I’ve an important presentation.
  • Woke up from possibly the best dream ever. Sometimes I hate having to work because it means getting out of bed.
  • I hate those work nights when you have to force yourself to go to bed. I’ll be visiting an apothecary come morning for a caffeine potion.
  • oh work. I hate Mondays.
  • At work, hate monday’s!!!
  • I hate Monday mornings, up and getting ready for work – gah
  • I hate hate hate Mondays! I am dreading work 🙁
  • Ahh Monday, I hate Monday. Back at the work, starting the week all over again. Is it Friday yet?
  • On my way to work…I hate Mondays
  • Another Monday at work and I hate it. I want to play! 😉
  • On the train to work I freaking hate Monday mornings
  • class and work. i hate mondays
  • happy monday, indeed….my interns hate me, my attendings don’t like me….life at work is awesome!
  • Monday Morning 5:22!!! I hate work
  • Hate missing work, always come back to a messy desk and everyone is mad at you for missing one day.
  • I hate when people walk behind me while I’m at the computer at work. @_@;;
  • I HATE when people have music on their sites that autoplays-it causes much stress in my marriage since I work in the office with my husband.
  • No more wearing sandals at work 🙁 It’s still summer! I hate dress codes….
  • off to do two things I hate: work and homework. sweet. someone do something rebelious for me.
  • i hate my new hours at work, i might as well just live at the store.
  • I hate people bitching about things at work, because it cause me to bitch about them bitching…
  • Have I mentioned yet today how much i hate work?
  • managed to survive the day. only five left. few issues at work ontop of the usual shit. hate not being at meetings. gah
  • I hate doing this work that I don’t care about only out of fear of not getting accepted anywhere outside of AZ when I graduate.
  • LOL I hate math with passion but I work for finance =
  • Blahhh I hate weekends where I don’t work. Maybe I will try to get a part time position with mac when girl scouts is over
  • wtf. i hate work and wwe atm.
  • The older I get the more I grow to hate the little pukes that work at Dairy Queen.
  • I hate the stupid white lights at work! How the hell am I going to cope with this until the end of the month when we move office?
  • I hate work. I just want it to go away. I can’t stand the little freshmen with their friends thinking their all cool.
  • i hate work! the only good part is the free sandwich and cookies. 🙁 and the aychecks of course…
  • I hate working 🙁 Izea fest will be going on 8 miles from my job and I can’t even go because I have to be at work next week 🙁
  • I hate work. and the male species.
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