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Hostile Work Environment Definition

iTunes Selects The Hostile Workplace Podcast for “New & Notable” Recognition

“The Hostile Workplace Podcast” is currently a “New & Notable” selection in iTunes.  Thanks so much to everyone who has visited iTunes and subscribed to the podcast and left a postive comment in iTunes.  Each of those things is like a vote that the Hostile Workplace Podcast should be featured more prominently.  And it’s working.  This is just one small way that we can bring more awareness to the issue of bullying bosses that turn good jobs in hostile nighmares that no one deserves.

If you would like to see for youself where the Hostile Workplace Podcast is featured in iTunes just follow these steps: 1) Open the iTunes software; 2) Click on iTunes Store; 3) Click on “Podcasts”, then “Business”, then “Careers”.  The “New & Notable” box is the top center feature.  You may have to click to the rigth one time inside the “New & Notable” box.

If you would like to go directly to the Hostile Workplace Podcast in iTunes you can use this link to go straight there:

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