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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Curt’s Article About Hostile Work Environment Wins Award For Best New Hub!

Curt now has EIGHT powerful articles on Hubpages, each one contains information you should not be with out in dealing with a bad boss or hostile work environment.

One article was nominated for “Hub Nugget”, meaning Best New Article — and it won!  Thanks to everyone who took time to vote for the article, “Hostile Work Environment — Why HR Doesn’t Care About You”.

Here’s a link to the article if you haven’t seen it, with links to the other 7 articles (or “Hubs”) after that.—-Why-HR-Doesnt-Care-About-You

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  1. Is it possible to find a labor attorney who practices on Long Island, since I was denied unemployment and asked for another hearing?

  2. Long Island is a big cesspool of the good ole boys and gals network and unemployment will sing whatever song the big corporations want them to sing. Its hard to imagine that anyone would be fighting a former employee unless they are retaliating against you to make your life miserable. Unless you have bucks to pay an employment lawyer if you can find one that’s not looking to gain favors from a large corporation you better search Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan! You’re gonna have to fight them all the way up to the state supreme court..and if you’re not already praying you will be.

  3. Sherrie, on November 27 you asked if anyone knew a labor attorney on Long Island. In October I retained an attorney. He is excellent and is not looking to gain any favors from anyone. Please contact me.

  4. MERLIN – Please forward contact info for atty on Long Island. I am new to this scene and need to know if you had to pay this person. If one has airtight case against large well-known agency who has paid out hush money and settlements before (in former employee actions) might not someone take this case on contingency? THANK YOU AND PLEASE RESPOND ASAP.



  1. says:

    The One Key Secret to Establishing an ILLEGAL “Hostile Work Environment” | UndercoverLawyer…

    A Hostile Work Environment is frequently caused by a bully boss treating an employee unfairly. But one special fact makes an ILLEGAL hostile work environment….

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