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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Is a Prison Camp Comparable to Living Through a Hostile Work Environment?


I’ve been wanting to write more, and post more regularly to this blog. Like lots of people, instead of working directly on my goal I’ve procrastinated by doing any number of different things that feel like they are related to my goal, but really aren’t. I’ve compiled lists of writing ideas, written out writing schedules, got a new writing program to use on my laptop, and the mother-of-all-time-wasters: “research.” In an effort to not waste so much time clicking from article to article on the web, I decided I would shut the laptop and go back to reading some full length books. But you got to start slow, right? Not just jump into reading dense legal reference books. So I thought it would be good to read a book about overcoming adversity, since so many of the people who visit this site are … [Read more...]


Has Your Bully Boss Said Anything This Stupid?


Sometimes the stupid stuff your boss says is SO overwhelmingly stupid, that it's funny. And because being someone who is fighting back against harassment and bullies is stressful, I wanted to give you something to help you laugh a bit. I'm generally a serious guy, but sometimes you just need to laugh, you know? So, I hope this can put a smile on your face and give you the brief mental break that you need and deserve. So here's the list of 32 dumb things managers say included. 1. "Am I the only one around here with half a brain?!" 2. "I know my plan won't work, but don't disagree with me in front of others." 3. "I only say those things to look tough. I'm reshaping my image for advancement." 4. "I tried to e-mail you to tell you that my e-mail wasn't working, … [Read more...]


How To Document a Hostile Work Environment

Man taking notes on what bad boss is doing

Visitors to the Forum and the Academy know that regular posters like Littlelulu, msliberated, Curt and I are always harping on the importance of DOCUMENTATION. And folks have asked: “What does that mean?” This article is going to give you the nuts and bolts of documentation, so you can protect yourself from any rogue activity that your employer or supervisor may engage in. By “rogue activity”, I mean your employer manufacturing documents and supposed incidents that occurred. It would help, I think, to start with the Dictionary definition. From my Webster’s Dictionary, “Documentation” means “the act or an instance of furnishing or authenticating with documents.” What’s a “Document”? As a Noun (a thing), a Document is “…an original or official paper relied on as the basis, proof, or … [Read more...]


Attacking a Bullying Victim, Again: Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince

A lawyer who is defending one of the bullies that drove high schooler Phoebe Prince to suicide just published an article in the online magazine Slate. The outrage comes from the slant of the article, which "reports" as objective news that Phoebe brought the bullying upon herself. She's painted as being a "self-mutilating misfit bent on suicide." The apparent purpose of the article is only too obvious to people who have been the victims of workplace bullying; the purportedly objective investigator makes the bully appear less awful by heaping blame on the victim. How many people have complained to HR of a "hostile work environment", only to be called in to HR and disciplined for poor performance while nothing happens to the bully? This happens so often it's sickening. But this attorney … [Read more...]


Age Discrimination Among the Unemployed, and Movement on a Workplace Harassment Bill


Good News / Bad News The Illinois State Senate passed a version of the Namie's anti-bullying bill. The bill was introduced by Illinois State Senator William Delgado, who said "Being in an abusive work environment is intolerable. This legislation will finally give workers some means of relief from the abuse they may be tolerating in their work environment." At the time the Bill was introduced, it was written to apply to public and private employees, to make harassment from bosses and from co-workers illegal, and would have made managers and co-workers individually liable for bullying. The bill even went so far as to make it a criminal act for a manager to retaliate against an employee who complained about bullying. (Read more HERE). But you know how politics work. Business groups … [Read more...]


New Legal Rights For Employees of Nursing Homes

New Employee Rights for Nursing Home Employees

If you work for a nursing home, convalescent hospital, hospice care facility, or any other health care facility that accepts federal funds, the Health Care Reform bill gives YOU new legal rights, too. If you or any other employee reasonably suspects that a crime (like billing fraud) has taken place at your workplace, then you must report it to at least one law enforcement agency. What happens if you don’t? Up to $200,000 in fines. Evidently nursing home managers have been leery of reporting a resident who has abused or beaten another resident. Mangers don’t want the negative publicity, and don’t want law enforcement getting involved in what he nursing home views as “a medical issue”. So, if you are employed at nursing home you must report any action by a manager or resident that you … [Read more...]


Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn Veincentotzs and the new Undercover H.R. Director (OnYourSide!)

Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn V

> A Survivor's Story: Marilyn Veincentotzs Episode 12 features an interview with Bully Boss survivor turned author Marilyn Veincentotzs.  Marilyn, who also goes by "Dr. Vee", learned from "Work Laws Exposed" how to fight back against a bullying boss.  Then she helped a good friend do the same thing.  Then she took her expertise in organizational psychology and wrote a book, "How Organizations Empower Bully Bosses: A criminal in the workplace." Personal Help With YOUR Work Problems In Episode 12 we also introduce a fantastic new resource for people who need help with responding to a bullying boss: The Undercover HR Person!  That's right, our forum stalwart and HR expert, "OnYourSide", is actually named Mary, and Mary is now available to help you with workplace issues too.  If you want … [Read more...]


Do You Know the 4 Key Steps to Taking Back Your Life from a Bully?

Learn to Take Back Your Life

Question: What are the four key steps to taking back your life from a bully? Answer: Listen to our interview with psychotherapist Dr. Ben Leichtling (pronounced Like-Ling).  Dr. Leichtling wrote a book about how to take back your life from a bully, and consults with companies on how to eliminate bullying from the workplace. Dr. Leichtling reveals in this interview his four key steps to breaking free of a bully.  He also gives invaluable advice on how to deal with the mental and physical trauma that bullies inflict.  This is one episode no one should miss. Podcast #11: Interview With Dr. Leichtling Dr. Leichtling was so generous with his time that we couldn't fit all of his helpful insights and ideas into the podcast, but it was simply too good "to leave on the cutting room floor". So … [Read more...]


When Your Bully Boss is Behind Closed Doors, Do You Want to Know What the Lawyers Are Telling Him?

Listening In on Your Bully Boss

In Episode #9 the Undercover Lawyer (Curt K.) reveals 10 things that bosses do to their employees that cause hostile work environment lawsuits. (Podcast Player below). Even defense lawyers get mad at bad bosses, because bad bosses cause lawsuits.  This is explosive information that big business pays top dollar for; Curt himself regularly charges companies $1,000+ for "How Not to Get Sued" seminars that cover this same material!  But now you get it for free, plus Curt's explanation of how employees can use this information for their advantage. In the Quick Tip Curt covers how the new Federal Bailout Program includes money that you get right now if you've lost your job.  It's the COBRA subsidy, which requires your employer to pay 65% of COBRA premiums, so that you pay only 35% of the … [Read more...]


Are You a Victim of Sexual Favoritism at Work?

I was working on a summary of a case called Miller v. Dept of Corrections for the community when, like fate, this question was posted to the forum by a woman who was feeling driven from her job by her boss: QUESTION: [Edited for clarity]  "I don't think he's discriminating based on sex, race or religion. He just didn't like what I said one day, which was that he "should be more discrete with that girl in accounting" since he is married. He has had it out for me ever since. He gave me a horrible review. I went to HR with examples disproving the review. They pushed it to the side and agreed with him. I talked to his boss and stated if someone was going to be given a review that bad then examples should accompany it. She said "Well, he said he told you about it". I work in a technical … [Read more...]