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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Video: Here’s the Only Way to Stop a Bully Boss from Giving a Bad Reference


Is your bully boss keeping you under his or her thumb by giving you bad references, so that you can't escape?  Or have you escaped the abusive boss, only to find he is still trying to ruin your life by giving you bad references? Here is the one and only way to force the boss to stop sticking their mean words into your hopes and plans to move on.  It's simple, and I event give you a letter template to use.  Just watch the video (which gets right to the point).   If your story sounds at all similar, be sure to get my FREE "7-Secrets of Work Law" e-mail course. Learn how to fight back against a bully boss. Primary Email   Your email will never be shared, sold or revealed. If you need all the help you can get right NOW, then get my book, Work Laws … [Read more...]


Desperate Housewife Sues Abusive Boss For Hostile Work Environment

She's Suing Her Boss

Former "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan filed a lawsuit against the show's producer, Marc Cherry. Sheridan's suit accuses Cherry of “creating a hostile work environment on the set and behaving aggressively and abusively toward the cast and the writers." She claims that her character was killed off in retaliation for resisting his abuse, and she seeks $20 million in compensation. Three Hostile Bosses Ordered to Pay $185,000 to Two Employees Who Fought Back In Georgia, the former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones and three other people were ordered to pay two former employees $185,000. The former employees alleges that Jones created a hostile work environment based on race within the County’s Parks and Recreation Department. The trial was closely watched because Jones is … [Read more...]