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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Can My Employer Do That? Part One By: Jenn S.

Can My Boss Do That

In a busy employment law practice, I field a lot of questions from employees who want to know whether an action taken by their employer was “illegal.” In the vast majority of cases, the action of the employer is not illegal per se, though it may have been grossly unfair, blatantly discriminatory, or in extreme bad taste. However, there are situations where an employer is acting illegally and quick action is necessary. The following are some common and some unusual questions from employees who call wanting to know, “Can my employer do that?” Can my boss tell me to cover my tattoos / cut my hair / take out a piercing? Freedom to express yourself is surely a great right in America.  But, if you want to hold a job you’d best take note of your employer’s appearance standards.  An employer … [Read more...]