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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Store: Tools for Fighting a Hostile Work Environment

workplace harrassment Beginner’s Package: Full Work Laws Exposed E-Book. This digital download equips you the full power of Curt’s E-Book, but without the personal phone conference. You get all the same strategies for pushing back against a bad boss. Clocking in at 144 pages, the E-book is easy to use on your own, and still provides the help you need to win against a bad boss — even when you’re up against the biggest jerk at your work. This package is specially tailored for the person who knows their situation is pretty straightforward and does not need the bonus phone conference. Buy Now $27

workplace harrassment
Work Laws Exposed: Complete E-Book (Single Payment of $97) With Bonus Phone Conference. Get the full power of Work Laws Exposed! This expanded 144 page version includes a Bonus 30 Minute Phone Conference with Curt K., The Undercover Lawyer, where you can personally discuss your particular work problem and learn which sections of the book to focus on. The phone conference, a $145 value, is included when you purchase and download this expanded version of Work Laws Exposed. You will also receive the powerful section on protecting yourself with the FMLA, maximizing time off, and modifying your job description with the ADA.
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