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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Podcast Episode #7: Your Boss Can Be Liable to You For Creating A Hostile Work Environment Based on Age

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In Episode #7, we discuss how your boss can be liable to you for creating a hostile work environment based on age.  The main example we cover is Elizabeth Parks v. Lebhar-Friedman, Inc., 2008 WL 4449345 (SDNY) (Oct. 2, 2008). Parks’ worked for her employer, Drug Store News, for 26 years.  Even after that much time with nothing but good reviews, Parks felt like her boss was trying to make life miserable for her and push her out.  Her boss concocted excuses to “write her up” and criticize her work for vague reasons that no one could understand, much less act upon. Parks’ boss, however, wasn’t planning on Parks pushing back.  To learn how she did it, and how she got some smoking gun evidence against her boss and other executives at her company, just listen to the show.

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  1. enoughisenough says:

    Can my boss stop my monthly bonus that was part of our verbal agreement when I accepted the position, promise to give it back at a certain time and then not keep his promise? This really seems unfair.

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