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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Academy Open! Free Copies of Printed Book Going Fast

Employment Law Academy Crest

Our Academy opens TODAY at Noon Pacific (2pm Central / 3pm Eastern). The first month is free with no obligation to continue. Plus, the first 500 people to sign up get a FREE copy of the $197 Deluxe Edition of Work Laws Exposed. This is the bound and printed edition, not an electronic download. If you decide to continue after the first month, the Academy is $47 per month. You have a full month, however, to try it out and decide if it's right you. The 30 Day Free trial of the Academy includes Full access to the Private Member Forum (if you're a regular at UCL, you've got to check the Academy Forum out) Full access to all 8 Courses, including the key 4 "Core Courses" that make up the UCL … [Read more...]


To Your Resounding Success in 2010


After receiving a huge response to the following email, I decided to share it with everyone here on the site as well. A sneak peak into the new Employment Law Academy is at the bottom of the post. People have told me that there are more urgent problems in the world that workplace abuse, bullying bosses, and hardworking people getting fired for dumb, made up reasons. Yes, I know about the "bigger problems" these people are referring to. I know about the global warming and the slave trade and the earthquakes and tsunamis and Osama Bin Laden. I know about cancer and birth defects and the bloody 20th century and the pollution in China and the prostitution rings in Bangkok. … [Read more...]


Episode #13: How to Never Give Up and Never Be Alone. An Interview with Our Forum Den Mother, Lulu

Den Mother cub scout patch

Episode 13 features an interview with our forum Den Mother and bully boss fighter, Lulu. Lulu joined our forum feeling alone and confused about how her long, stellar career could start crumbling when a much younger manager took over the department where Lulu worked. … [Read more...]


Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn Veincentotzs and the new Undercover H.R. Director (OnYourSide!)

Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn V

> A Survivor's Story: Marilyn Veincentotzs Episode 12 features an interview with Bully Boss survivor turned author Marilyn Veincentotzs.  Marilyn, who also goes by "Dr. Vee", learned from "Work Laws Exposed" how to fight back against a bullying boss.  Then she helped a good friend do the same thing.  Then she took her expertise in organizational psychology and wrote a book, "How Organizations Empower Bully Bosses: A criminal in the workplace." Personal Help With YOUR Work Problems In Episode 12 we also introduce a fantastic new resource for people who need help with responding to a bullying boss: The Undercover HR Person!  That's right, our forum stalwart and HR expert, "OnYourSide", is actually named Mary, and Mary is now available to help you with workplace issues too.  If you want … [Read more...]


Do You Know the 4 Key Steps to Taking Back Your Life from a Bully?

Learn to Take Back Your Life

Question: What are the four key steps to taking back your life from a bully? Answer: Listen to our interview with psychotherapist Dr. Ben Leichtling (pronounced Like-Ling).  Dr. Leichtling wrote a book about how to take back your life from a bully, and consults with companies on how to eliminate bullying from the workplace. Dr. Leichtling reveals in this interview his four key steps to breaking free of a bully.  He also gives invaluable advice on how to deal with the mental and physical trauma that bullies inflict.  This is one episode no one should miss. Podcast #11: Interview With Dr. Leichtling Dr. Leichtling was so generous with his time that we couldn't fit all of his helpful insights and ideas into the podcast, but it was simply too good "to leave on the cutting room floor". So … [Read more...]


Podcast #10: Bully Boss Creates Hostile Work Environment by Forbidding Bathroom Breaks!

No Bathroom Breaks

Don't Have iTunes on Your Computer? Free Download from Apple w/ easy install instructions. Main Segment In the Main Segment of Episode #10 we tackle the issue of "Bully Bosses Who Forbid Bathroom Breaks."  This craziness happens much more frequently than you may think.  Can you guess who the primary victims are? #1 Spanish radio station in Miami The radio show I mention during the show is 98.3.  My thanks to Frank, the Undercover Lawyer community member from Miami who got the book and called in to 98.3 to talk about it.  Thanks Frank! All Spanish UCL Site Now Launched: www.demandas-empleos.comNew Segment -- The Q & A: We also debut a new segment in Episode #10, the Q&A.  In you have a legal question about work that you think other listeners would be interested in, send it to me … [Read more...]


When Your Bully Boss is Behind Closed Doors, Do You Want to Know What the Lawyers Are Telling Him?

Listening In on Your Bully Boss

In Episode #9 the Undercover Lawyer (Curt K.) reveals 10 things that bosses do to their employees that cause hostile work environment lawsuits. (Podcast Player below). Even defense lawyers get mad at bad bosses, because bad bosses cause lawsuits.  This is explosive information that big business pays top dollar for; Curt himself regularly charges companies $1,000+ for "How Not to Get Sued" seminars that cover this same material!  But now you get it for free, plus Curt's explanation of how employees can use this information for their advantage. In the Quick Tip Curt covers how the new Federal Bailout Program includes money that you get right now if you've lost your job.  It's the COBRA subsidy, which requires your employer to pay 65% of COBRA premiums, so that you pay only 35% of the … [Read more...]


Curt’s Article About Hostile Work Environment Wins Award For Best New Hub!


Curt now has EIGHT powerful articles on Hubpages, each one contains information you should not be with out in dealing with a bad boss or hostile work environment. One article was nominated for "Hub Nugget", meaning Best New Article -- and it won!  Thanks to everyone who took time to vote for the article, "Hostile Work Environment -- Why HR Doesn't Care About You". Here's a link to the article if you haven't seen it, with links to the other 7 articles (or "Hubs") after … [Read more...]


Gradual Workplace Harassment Is Not Legal Harassment


You complain to your manager or to H.R., and what do they tell you?  There's no evidence that you are putting up with an illegal hostile work environment.  But you are having trouble sleeping, you feel sick when you think about work, and even though you try not to you spend most of your time worrying about work, you think about little else. How can your boss or H.R. excuse this?  How can they possibly claim that nothing is going on? Acme Markets said that Gloria Nieves was just complaining about good old fashioned teasing among co-workers.  Some of it may have been insensitive, but Acme claimed that no one thing that happened to Gloria at the deli where she worked amounted to illegal harassment.  But Gloria knew differently.  She took Acme to court, where the court said even when single … [Read more...]


The Abusive Boss Who Got Sued For “Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress”

Have you felt emotional distress at work because of the abusive way your boss treats you? Many of the people who contact me for help in dealing with a bully boss feel this way, and they want to sue their boss in court for all the workplace abuse he or she has inflicted. When someone like this tells me they want to sue, the first thing they say is that their boss caused “a hostile work environment.” (If you still think you can sue for a hostile work environment, you need to sign up for my 7 Free Work Law Secrets Email Course). The second thing people want to sue for is “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” This also rarely works, and I don't advise pursuing it, but... ...but a women named Gina Strong in Washington State recently has some success suing her boss for negligent … [Read more...]