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Hostile Work Environment Definition

New Video: The One Real Key To Getting Unemployment Benefits

This video explains the one true key to making sure that you get unemployment benefits. If you applied for unemployment benefits and you were turned down, then this is the key concept that you must understand.

It simply is not true that if you get fired you WILL get unemployment. Another myth is that if you resign you will not get unemployment. Watch this video and find out how unemployment benefits decision are really made.

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  1. DAngel143 says:

    I was told to put constructiely discharged when filing for unemployment but none of the reasons given afterward would be correct, & when asked do you want me to put quit instead, but I didn’t? I love my job and I’m ready, willing and able to work as soon as the hostility of the work enviroment is resolved. The bullying, verbal harassment has been brought to my bosses attetion on several occations and as an employer I can only take so much, my boss agreed. So what do I mark when filing under kentucky’s options? -Thank you for any and all help you can provide me.

  2. upchurch26kny says:

    Hi I have been having problems at work with a supervisor which i recently had 3 inccidents with showing hostile behavior towards me. First inccident that occur May 26 was I and another supvisor that is over him was talking I work in healthcare so we have to answer call lights. Well a light was going off and I neither saw it or heard it going off while I and the other supervisor were talking. The other supervisor came over to me got in my face and yell “light 136 is going off twice dead smack in my face. So I looked at him like he was crazy and since he does not like the other suporvisor who wrote him up for many things was he felt that he was doing his job but actually bilittled me in front of another adult. The other suporvisor said nothing to him and did nothing while she was sitting there. So the light was really for him anyway. the second and third inccidents was on the 28. With the second inccident I ask him where the vital sign book was his words “If you look for it then you would find it” I told him what makes you think I was not looking for it began with. I said to him I’m done searching for it once again he told me “its your job to search for” So I said back it not in my job descripotion where I look for books. So he ended up finding the book Yelled in my face again while shelving the into my stomach “its your job!” so at that point I felt agree and very shocked that he just pushed a book into instead of handing it to me in a proffesional manner. I told everyone that worked that night what happenened with him pushing a book into my stomach like that. Third inccident same day I have been telling him one of the patient were asking for him and I told him 4 times he yelled again but this time there were 2 wittness there that saw and heard him yell at for no reason. Right now I fear going to work because actions have been hostole towards me and I feel very uncomfortable but I have no choice I have a family and I just can not quit. I had enough of him mistreating me, yelling at me, and pushing objects into me, I have file a complaint and told the direactor of Nursing that he is hostile towards me, degrades, and embarrassed me in front of other co-workers. I wrote my statement to them and I still feel stressed becasue I believe they are not going to do anything and he is going to harrass me even more once they contact him about me going to higher ups. Tell me what should I do????

  3. upchurch26kny says:

    To remind you the issue is just and still being investigated but I still feel like they will keep him there and not disipline him at all. I did mention the 2 two wittnesses but what if they back out I can’t fight this man he is 6 foot im 5’2 and this is how I feel right now. If he can push books into me what else can he do to me at work if the allow him to stay. He clearly does not have the mind to mange cause I was manager once and I knew my limits. I feel so Harrassed right now and fear. He does not treat other co-workers like he treats me and I just got hired there. I like my job but my life at work is about to get worse. I did tell higher ups I can not perform my duties while working with him and I can’t I just can’t please give me some good advice.

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