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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Meeting “Efficiencies”

One reader of Undercover Lawyer contributed the following piece based on his own experiences at a large employer in Southern California.  Our guest writer, Brian, followed the advice in “Work Laws Exposed” and filed claims with California ‘s DFEH.  He has now retained a California attorney to further fight back against the Hostile Work Environment he had to live through.  Here are Brian’s insights:


Every now and then a company needs to “meet efficiencies”, which also means to get rid of employees for whatever reason; (over budget, employee complains, don’t like, asks for training, wants a raise, etc).

How the game works:

A manager is usually asked to lunch by his/her supervisor. During lunch the supervisor will inform the manager that the company has a problem and needs their help. The manager is then told that employee/s need to go for whatever reason.  FYI – This is also a test to see the manager’s loyalty towards the company. Companies are very selective when playing this game. Think of it more like a baseball manager needing a relief pitcher. Before he calls down to the bull pen he usually has a certain pitcher already in mind. That’s the way some companies treat this game. The need to “meet efficiencies” – which manager should we use?

Manager pool the Company Pulls From:

1. Brand new manager

2. A manager who is a single parent

3. One that has pulled this off successfully before

Who’s at Risk:

Usually companies target high earners or whoever they feel is weak. Once the manager targets the victim or victims, then that manager starts the game of discipline. The goal is to either terminate or have the employee/s resign.  *Note – (managers usually do not touch union employees. They target single parents, car poolers and others). They will discipline the employee/s for any and everything.


Let’s say the manager terminates the employee or employees as told. The following will occur:

1. The manager successfully terminates the employee/s and they are never heard from again.

2. The manager terminates and the employee sues:

a. Depending on the case, most companies settle quickly and quietly at a fraction of a trial verdict.

b. If any money is paid out for whatever reason, that manager will be terminated shortly after.

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