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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Jury Awards $250 Million for Gender Discrimination and Hostile Work Environment

In the largest ever gender discrimination/hostile work environment verdict, a jury ordered the pharmaceutical company Novartis to pay a class of women $250 million in punitive damages, plus back pay, front pay, and attorney fees to be determined later.

“A jury that found Novartis discriminated against women by paying them less than men, promoting fewer of them and allowing a hostile workplace awarded $250 million in punitive damages on Wednesday.” (Full article HERE).

One district manager was said to have forced female employees to look at pornographic images, and even gone so far as to instruct women subordinates to sit on his lap.

With another large class action pending against Wal-Mart that makes similar allegations of unequal pay, many are wondering if this is the start of a legal trend.

Do you feel that you have not been paid fairly? If you want to learn how to frame the issue in terms of what’s legal or not legal, watch this video.

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