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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Podcast #4: Michelle + Dan = Retaliation

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Michell and Dan began their working relationship as friends.  Dan supervised a group of 8 employees; 7 young men plus Michelle.  Michelle was only 21.

Before work each morning, however, she had to drop off her young son at her mother’s house.  As a result, Michelle often arrived between 5 and 15 minutes late.

But Dan was sympathetic to Michelle’s struggles as a single mom.  He was the only other person at work with children.  Plus, how could you not like Michelle?  She worked hard, she was cute, and she could talk “like one of the boys.”  In fact, sometimes she made the boys blush!

Yet, little voice in the back of Michelle’s head kept telling her that the crude sex talk at work wasn’t something to be proud of.  In fact, she admitted to herself that she wouldn’t want her son talking like this.  But Michelle never spoke up… until one day when one of the guys said something so crude and disgusting that even she couldn’t take it any longer…

Listen to the podcast to hear how Michelle and Dan’s relationship changed forever, how Dan nearly lost his job, and to learn if Michelle was able to keep her position with the company.

Just by listening to this true story you will learn about retaliation in the workplace, and also about the importance of timing when establishing retaliation claims.

Show Notes and Links:

During the show I mentioned the blog article by “Careerguyd” about violence in the workplace.  If you would like to read that article yourself just click HERE.

I also mentioned that one of the members of the Forums has her own blog that is worth reading.  That is “HR Wench” and you can reach her blog by clicking HERE.

Finally, I revealed that my ace WordPress customizer is Sherry Dedman of Blog-Solace.  If you have your own blog and would like a technical expert to help you spiff it up, add complex plug-ins, or you just need some advice, you can check out Sherry’s blog about blogs HERE and her forum about the technical side of blogs HERE.

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