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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Hostile Workplace Podcast: #1

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Yelling at PhoneIn episode #1 we discuss how in the current economy terminations and layoffs are increasing, but poor performance is often not the reason used to select who is let go and who is not.

We discussed the forum posting contest for the Month of July 2008, where the top three posters to the forums at will win either an Apple iPhone (3G), an iPod Shuffle, or an iTunes gift certificate.  All three top posters will also win a copy of one of the Undercover Lawyer’s books about work law, such as “Work Laws Exposed”.

Finally, we refer to the article “10 Signs You are Bullied at Work” which is at  This article prompted a reader named Randall to write in with his compelling story, which became the main feature of Podcast #1.  You can read the article at:

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