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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Forum Posting Contest: Win New 3G iPhone, Shuffle, or iTunes Gift Card

The Undercover Lawyer Forum is now open, and the posting contest to win a 3G iPhone started July 1st.  To recap, we are going to give away prizes to the three people who post the most messages in the forum during the month of July.  Some contests have ridiculously impossible chances of actually winning something.  But our forum contest puts YOU in control of whether or not you win.  Just post! The three prizes are:

  1. Grand Prize: Brand New 3G Apple iPhone and a copy of “Work Laws Exposed
  2. Second Place: Brand New Apple iPod Shuffle and a copy of “The Bad Boss Folio
  3. Third Place: $30 iTunes Gift Certificate and a copy of “The Bad Boss Folio

Contest Dates
The contest begins July 1 and ends on July 31 at midnight EST.  At that point, the person with the most posts wins the Grand Prize.  The person with the second most posts wins Second Prize, and the person with the third most posts wins Third Prize.

What Should You Post About?

Have you ever been frustrated with another person at work?  Tell us your story!  Has your family member or friend ever had to work for a horrible boss?  Tell us their story.  If someone else has posted about their own experience, offer encouragement and support.  Have a question about some aspect of the law and your work? Post a question.  The possibilities are as wide ranging as the types of jobs we all work in.


Posts must be done in “good faith”, making some type of comment or contribution to discussions about the ideas of work, relationships, law, and life.  For example, if someone registers on forum on the last day of July, and quickly submits 1000 posts that are nothing but “LOL!” over and over, that person will not win.  If you post real comments in good faith, then you’re on your way to talking and texting over a new iPhone.

Head straight to the forums now by clicking here!

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