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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Faking Disability? And, Lawsuit Caused by Abusive Boss

You decide if this police chief was faking his disability:

Former police chief for city was no longer disabled, and thus, he was not entitled to continue receiving not-on-duty disability pension. While former chief could not work as ordinary police officer because of injury to left knee, his disability did not prevent him from functioning as a supervising law enforcement officer in an administrative position within the police department. A videotape of the former chief performing as rodeo clown showed him running, jumping, climbing fences, dancing, running from bulls, leaping on top of and off barrels, climbing into and carrying barrels,and being rammed by bull while crouched inside a barrel.
Rhoads v. Board of Trustees of City of Calumet City Policemen’s Pension Fund, 810 N.E.2d 573 (2004)

Nordstrom Agrees To Pay $292,000 to Settle Harassment Lawsuit Caused by Abusive Boss

Employees complained that an Alterations Department Manager made harassing remarks to Hispanic and black employees.  Despite the employees’ complaints, the harassment did not stop.  Nordstrom recites that it investigated the matter, but found “no evidence of harassment.”  One employee, Gloria Pimental, filed a formal complaint with the EEOC in 2006.  A a year later, in 2007, the EEOC filed a case against Nordstrom.

As a result of this settlement Nordstrom will make payments to 10 different employees and agreed that its managers will undergo harassment training twice per year, instead of every two years.

Curt’s Take: I think I know why Nordstrom said it couldn’t find evidence of harassment and discrimination… it’s because it was looking for proof that the Alternations Dept Manager called the Hispanic and Black employees racial names.  It truth, I’m near certain that she was a bullying jerk to everyone in the department.  She was a boss who made her employees feel harassed, stressed, and scared for their jobs.

When Nordstrom looked into it, however, they just saw a mean jerk.  Nordstrom didn’t see a person who used racial epithets or told racials jokes.  What the company was missing, however, is that the target of SOME of the bully-manager’s ire DID belong to protected classes.  Those people stepped forward and said “Hey EEOC!  Over here! We’re Hispanic and black and we’re being harassed by our boss.”  That’s when the EEOC stepped in.  Nordstrom could have avoided this huge verdict by making sure its managers don’t harass and abuse employees who genuinely try hard and want to do a good job.

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