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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Episode #13: How to Never Give Up and Never Be Alone. An Interview with Our Forum Den Mother, Lulu

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Episode 13 features an interview with our forum Den Mother and bully boss fighter, Lulu. Lulu joined our forum feeling alone and confused about how her long, stellar career could start crumbling when a much younger manager took over the department where Lulu worked.

Over a year later Lulu is still fighting through trials, but now after learning her rights she feels empowered and more in control. Make no mistake, Lulu does not have an easy life. But listen to her tell her story on this podcast and you will detect a calm confidence in Lulu that makes her a source of inspiration and comfort in the Employment Law Academy.

Remember last episode when we introduced The Undercover HR Person, Mary, to help our community members with responding to bullying bosses and H.R. Departments? So many people contacted her for help that now there is a waiting line. If you’d like to check to see if she’s had any cancellations you can contact her at:

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