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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Do You Know the 4 Key Steps to Taking Back Your Life from a Bully?

Learn to Take Back Your LifeQuestion: What are the four key steps to taking back your life from a bully?

Answer: Listen to our interview with psychotherapist Dr. Ben Leichtling (pronounced Like-Ling).  Dr. Leichtling wrote a book about how to take back your life from a bully, and consults with companies on how to eliminate bullying from the workplace.

Dr. Leichtling reveals in this interview his four key steps to breaking free of a bully.  He also gives invaluable advice on how to deal with the mental and physical trauma that bullies inflict.  This is one episode no one should miss.

Podcast #11: Interview With Dr. Leichtling

Dr. Leichtling was so generous with his time that we couldn’t fit all of his helpful insights and ideas into the podcast, but it was simply too good “to leave on the cutting room floor”.

So even more of this interview is available on the Members-Only Forum, which is just $1 for the first month (and no further obligation).  You can join the Member Forum here:

The Quick Tip is a site where you can rate your boss, and check to see if your potential new boss has been rated by his or her employees.  The site is:

Find even more helpful info from Dr. Leichtling at his site:

Let us know your thoughts on the interview, and what physical and mental effects, if any, you have felt as a result of a bully in your workplace.


P.S.  The link for getting access to the full interview with Dr. Leichtling (for just $1) is here:

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  1. David Campbell says:

    I’m need help can not maneuver this site. I left a job due to hostile work environment. I was not discriminated against, but was put in a bad situation. No one should have to deal with. can anyone help me

  2. Hi, David – you can post your specific issues by clicking on “Forums”, then scrolling down to the bottom to add a new topic. There are lots of folks on the Forum who are helpful and willing and able to help!
    The Undercover HR Director

  3. You can also just click on “ADD NEW” at the top of the FORUMS posting. You do need to register first as a new member in order to be able to post. Please don’t use your real name or your employer’s real name.

  4. Mary,

    Your Academy email addresses ( returned as not reachable. I supposedly was charged to join the academy but have not received a password or confirmation email. Help

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