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Hostile Work Environment Definition

“If Your Harassing Boss Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Endure Going To Work Another Day…”

…The “Undercover Lawyer” Presents the Legal System That Will Give You The Relief You Are Looking for… Featuring The 7 Secrets of Work Laws!

Book Cover

Dear Friend,
Are you working for a hostile, harassing boss that is ruining your days and keeping you awake at night? Do you constantly worry about unfair discipline, nit-picking of your work by a new bully supervisor, or do you fear that you might even lose your job in the middle of this bad economy?

Or perhaps you are one of the unfortunate ones whose boss is emotionally abusive and has turned your work place into a hostile work environment you cannot bear another day. But your company doesn’t do anything about it!

You may feel like right now, you are not being the wife or mother that you should be. But, dealing with work every day takes everything out of you – you come home with nothing left to give! Is that fair to your children, your wife, or your husband?

Instead, imagine going to work each day with that bad boss completely removed from your life. Or imagine that boss steering clear of you, because that hostile boss now fears YOU!
This is not only possible, but I’ve been helping day people achieve this every day. Laurie is one person I’ve been helping recently.

Laurie is a 50-ish office worker. Her new supervisor is an insecure woman in her 30’s, who likes to hire workers in their 20’s.

Laurie was being singled out by her boss for far harsher treatment than anybody else in the department. Laurie’s boss would angrily and unfairly scold Laurie in front of the others in the office, often reducing Laurie to tears.

One day Laurie made a suggestion during a department meeting, and the boss openly mocked Laurie’s idea saying, “This isn’t 1955, Laurie.” As soon as the meeting was over Laurie went home sick.

Laurie stayed home the next day too, searching the internet for some help. Long story short, she found my book. Now her boss is still the same, but Laurie’s life is very different:

workplace harassmentThat’s why I posted that, Curt, to let you know how much you, your book, the website and the people here on the group have helped me. I know my supervisor isn’t going to back down on me because she seems to NEED to have someone to harass and bully, but I’m not letting it get to me as much as I used to. After reading the book and talking to Curt on the phone, I feel just so much more confident. I now have info I can use for the next time she tries to start one of her “formal investigations” against me. -Laurie Eichenbach, Temecula CA

Laurie’s Life Change Can Be Yours Too, Today

Your work trouble may be different than Laurie’s, but that’s part of what makes “Work Laws Exposed” such a good investment. It is packed with concrete, step by step LEGAL solutions to all your work place problems.

“Work Laws Exposed” will help you now AND with any workplace issues that come up in the future should you get a new boss or be transferred to a new area.


  • What if you could make your work day two hours shorter each day?
  • What if you had an hour extra each morning, and an hour extra each afternoon?
  • Just imagine your stress levels going down down down, and your satisfaction with each day going up up up.

Or, would you feel better with an extra bonus of $15,000 to $150,000 from your company to go along with some large blocks of time off? It’s no joke and it’s no exaggeration. This happens all the time.

I know because I am one of the people writing those fat checks as an employment attorney defending big companies. With my insider information you can learn to take your work life back, or dramatically increase the probability you walk away with a check in hand and your head held high.


You have powerful legal rights as an employee in the United States, but most people don’t know how to position themselves at work to claim their rights.

In fact, employers spend thousands of dollars paying high powered attorneys to find ways around these laws, and to provide trainings that leave out information about these little known rights. I should know, because I am one of those attorneys.

And that’s why I’m writing this “undercover.” That’s right, I’m one of the attorneys who gets paid to train supervisors how to minimize employees’ rights.

When training employees, we conveniently leave out the sections of the law that are most helpful to individuals, especially when dealing with abusive and unfair bosses. That’s who we’re paid to protect.

But when you read “Work Laws Exposed,” the 7 Secrets of Work Law are revealed to you in full. You don’t have to stay in the dark. You can choose to pull the curtain back and learn what your boss does not want you to know.




These secret legal strategies are powerful because you become protected from “at-will”
employment and unfair discipline. These secret legal strategies are so powerful that it makes me
nervous to share even this much with you.

I would probably be fired and tossed out of “the club” if they knew what I’m teaching right now
to people just like you.

If you learn what’s in “Work Laws Exposed” your boss knows that he or she won’t be able to
single you out for harassment anymore. Your boss knows that he or she won’t be able to control
you with yelling, or nit-picking or threats anymore.

In fact, the very best thing for your boss would be if you quit reading this and you don’t learn
about the laws that can protect you from harassment and hostile supervisors.

Imagine the difference in how you would feel each day knowing that your job is safe, and that
you will not be yelled at or bullied any more. Imagine knowing that your boss and the other high
ups have to respect you and fairly evaluate you.

Because legal knowledge truly IS power, you will be a more powerful employee at your
organization and you will finally have the respect and peace of mind that you deserve.



You won’t learn these work law secrets even if you go out and hire your own attorney. First,
most attorneys do not specialize in employment law. Then, of the attorneys who do specialize in
employment law, most work for the defense side, for the employers and the big companies.

Second, the small number of employment lawyers who do specialize in employment cases on the
side of the worker only want giant jackpot style million dollar cases (that go on for years!).

Employee-side attorneys don’t want to teach you how to take back control of your work life, how
to keep your job while getting out from under a hostile boss or out of a harassing situation.
Why? Because there is no money in it for them.

These attorneys want jackpots, where they keep 1/3 to ½ of the money that comes in after a
grueling 3-4 year legal battle with your company. Plus, for 3-4 years you will have to pay out
the attorney’s expenses (travel, copies, filing fees, etc).

When was the last time an attorney told you they would solve your entire problem and
help you achieve a better life for under $100 total? (not per hour). Well, that’s what you can get from me.

Now, even if you did find one attorney who knows what they are talking about and was willing
to teach you, it would cost you thousands of dollars for the attorney to barely scratch the surface
of what I am going to teach you for far, far less.

My book “Work Laws Exposed” is the best and only option for working people who can’t wait
3-4 years hoping their day in court will pay off.


  • Three secret strategies to protect yourself from being terminated by a manager who has
    turned your job into a hostile workplace.
  • How to free yourself from a bullying control-freak of-a-boss (or jerk co-worker).
  • A legal method you can use to defeat unfair and unwarranted discipline.
  • How you can make sure you never have to work another day with your abusive boss
    again, but still keep your job.
  • The under-utilized employment law that will allow you to tell your boss (not ask your
    boss) that you will be working two hours less per day, every day, year after year, and
    never risk being disciplined for it, losing your benefits, or being classified “part-time”.
  • How the law gives a certain group of employees the right to choose the time they want to
    arrive at work and what time to leave every single day, no matter what the company’s
    attendance policy says – and how you can become a part of that certain group.
  • How you can position yourself so that your company will offer you a generous severance
    package while allowing you to exit gracefully with your dignity intact (and make all your
    co-workers wish they could come with you!).
  • If you have job duties you don’t like, you can use this secret technique to require your boss to permanently reassign those duties to someone else.
  • The exceptions to “at-will” employment that you will qualify for, so you can no longer be
    terminated “at-the-whim” of your boss.
  • The laws that will allow you to continue taking a leave of absence even after your sick
    time, vacation time, and medical leave time is all used up.
  • How you can tattoo a permanent black mark on your boss’s own permanent record.
  • The Undercover Lawyer’s advanced, super secret strategy for dealing with the worst of
    the worst bosses, called The Annihilation Method.
  • Why a union will sometimes take the side of the employer, and two ways you can still
    use your union status to protect your job.
  • The only way to make your boss believe the company will lose money if he or she treats
    you bad
    any longer.
  • How you can feel safe going into work each day, and know that your future is secure.


So who is this guy, you ask? I’m a successful employment litigator who represented big business
in employment lawsuits in state and federal courts.

I have a B.A., a J.D., and a M.A. My graduate degrees come from Yale and the University of

California. I have taught business law to MBA students for the last five years while maintaining
a busy law practice.

But after seeing my own family member get abused and fired by a horrible boss, I’m changing
to help individuals from here on out, not companies.

Now with the Undercover Lawyer on your side, you have someone who has advised big business
on employment issues, and who has presented over 50 seminars to supervisors at large
organizations on all aspects of employment law.

You need a proven winner on your side to win the employment game: I, the Undercover Lawyer,
will join your team and give you the same secret strategies that your employer and boss have
been keeping to themselves and paying thousands for.

You will be given the legal tools and negotiation tricks that made me a winner in arbitrations and
in court. I don’t like to brag, but I’m uniquely positioned to teach you the secret strategies that
only come from over a decade of learning all the legal tricks, loopholes, and neglected rights that
most people don’t even know they have. Few lawyers know this. Even fewer can teach it.

With the Undercover Lawyer and the “Workplace Laws Exposed” book you will have a friend on
your side; you will be a winner, and you will no longer have to dread work each day.


workplace harassment

“Dear Curt, I want to tell you, without writing a
book…..that this book was a blessing from
above!!! My husband works for a large corp, and
is a VP at one of the branches, he reports
directly to the branch President( who is a

Long story short, my husband is 51, and the
Monster is 40. Approximately 6 months into the
job, my husband noticed the Monster was abusing
the VP of Merchandising, behind closed doors
always on Friday at 4:00 pm, and at public

The Monster would also at Tuesday staff meeting
embarrass some VP, depending on his moods, my
husband included. Finally on a Friday the VP of
Merchandising was called into the Monster’s
office and let go.

This VP worked for the Company for 18 years.
So the Monster starts looking for another victim.
They always have to feed. Well he picked my
, starting with Friday at 4:00pm.

He started making comments… like “at your age,
I don’t think you’re trainable anymore.” He
started calling my husband “Old Man” at the
Tuesday staff meetings.

[He also made] comments like “focus,” and hand
jesters, like, at his age it’s hard to focus.
After the meetings, the Monster would come to my
husband’s office and make comments like, “Doesn’t
your elevator go to the top? What? Do you have

The thing is, my husband’s numbers for the
company are at an all time high. They were
Operating Branch of The Year.

But still the Monster keeps finding any little
thing to pick on. My husband went to HR about
the comments. He also called Corp HR, and the
the response was…Go out and have a drink or two
and clear the air.

My husband didn’t think drinking was going to
help, so he tried on a Friday to address the
constant nit-picking with the Monster.
Well, in a rage….the Monster’s reply was, “What
are you gay or something?”

My husband was more confused than ever…but he
kept doing his job and putting up with the
Monster’s treatment and comments.

Well… my husband was confused, not knowing what
was going on. He called Corp HR. The comment from
them was… “We should part as gentleman because
this is a small industry, and the two of you are
not clicking. Sometimes it happens.”

Not liking that comment, my husband called the
Zone President. His comments were… “I’ll see if
I can find you a new location, but you should
contact your connections and see what’s out

Not one time did HR or the Zone President say
that they would look into this Monster’s behavior
or address his unacceptable comments.

So, I stumbled upon your book….all I can say is
I read the entire book, and did step by step what
chapter 3 outlined. The reactions were as you

My husband is still employed. The branch is
having an HR audit. Now Corp HR’s answer has
changed to “your job isn’t in jeopardy and was
never was.”

So my husband is working and doing his job like
normal, the Monster is treating him better, and
local HR won’t even look him in the face.
Everyone that is important in my life is going
read your book, because all of them have invested
their lives in companies…..that could be ruined
by “AT WILL” employment
, along with their future
and retirement.

Yes, you can use this story…..there is a lot
more… that was left out and I am sure a lot
more to come. Please keep my name confidential. A
million “thank-yous” are not enough.”

Laura “Doe”, Shaker Heights OH

Does that sound like a change you would like for your own life? Is that kind of change, getting
back control of your life from your “monster” and ending your biggest source of stress worth
$500 to you? Of course it is, but I charge far less. And possibly you are wondering if there’s
enough good material in an eBook to justify the cost? Believe me, I have packed this book with
concrete, practical legal tools to help you get your work life back from a hostile boss, and then remake your job into something great. But you don’t have to take my
word for it:

workplace harassment

“Curt, I just wanted to let you know I’m reading
your book for the third time. Each time I reread
it, I understand things better and get more out
of the information. I am personally very
appreciative of your efforts. I also just noticed
(for the first time) you went to Yale. Very
impressive!” Will Burgess, El Paso TX

Maybe you have a new boss at work who suddenly is coming down hard on you for doing things the same way they have always been done. Is the new boss really hoping to drive people out
due to the economic downturn by turning what used to be a good job into a trip through the Twilight
Zone? Here’s how one reader found themselves in that very situation:

workplace harassment

“One thing my story has in common with everyone
these days is: how to secure one’s job during the
downturn in the economy. This is actually where
my story begins.

Our agency manages our state’s Medicaid (Welfare)
Program. Just recently changes were made making
it harder for people to qualify for (Medicaid)

Thus, the number of Medicaid clients has
decreased dramatically. Because of this, our
state agency now has way too many employees.
Probably at least half of us are going to end up
without a job. It is obvious (to me, anyway) our
management team wants to pick who stays and who

AND, they don’t want to have to do this based on
seniority. I have been with the state 20 years.
Our supervisors “suddenly” startled “writing up”
everyone for every little thing: being late for
work, too much time spend on breaks or at lunch,
too many personal phone calls, low productivity,
poor work performance, etc.

Since I saw this coming a long time ago… I have
been very careful to be “the perfect employee.” I
did not want to give management ammunition to use
on me.

The thing I wasn’t prepared for was the
retaliation and hostile work environment stuff.
That part caught me off guard bad, and scared the
crap out of me.
It was for this reason I bought
your book.

By the way…thank you for telling me I needed to
present the facts of my case without
exaggeration, etc. (I made sure my facts were
EXACTLY AND PRECISELY the whole truth and nothing

but the truth). In addition, I have a lot of
faith in the 40 people who I work with. I have
witnesses to almost everything and I believe if
my co-workers are “asked” they will tell the
truth about my case.

I enjoyed hearing about your 10 year old son,
Colin. (I will add him…and your family…to my
prayer list.) This will be easy to do as I have
been doing lots of praying lately.”

-Ann Nielson, Ithica NY

This reader had to deal with a bullying boss who used to be a co-worker. But when they were
co-workers they got along just fine. All of that changed after the co-worker’s promotion:

workplace harassment

“Thank you so much for this book. I’m almost
finished reading it and have found it to be very,
very helpful.

Just recently one of my co-workers (Elaine) got
promoted and became my supervisor. The power and
control must have gone to her head because
immediately she began bullying the employees who
were assigned to her.

I watched as she aggressively attacked everyone
working under her. She wrote them up, tried to get
them fired, etc etc.
I watched and waited knowing
my turn was coming up too.

Sure enough Elaine looked my way. She began by
telling me I was missing too much work. She
pointed out I miss approx 3 half days a month.
Never mind I have 80-100 hours of leave time
unused. I went and talked to Elaine’s supervisor
(Catherine) about this. I offered to get FMLA

At first Catherine was very supportive,
optimistic, and kind. She told me she wanted to do
anything she could to support each and every one
of her employees.

She empathized with my position, but said she
didn’t think I would qualify for FMLA just because
I only saw a psychiatrist once every three months.
Much to Catherine’s and Elaine’s surprise within 3
days I turned in FMLA papers. My FMLA papers said
the doctor was monitoring my work absences and
last year I had only required a few days off work
per month.

Elaine and Catherine were furious. Just like you
advised, I beat them to the punch and now was in a
protected class
(with no negative write ups in my
personnel file).

Thank you again for your book. It was very
enlightening and helpful. Again, I appreciate you
taking the time to publish your book on the
Internet for people like me. It was well worth the

Vicki T., Kansas City MI

The 7 Secret Strategies of the Work Laws Exposed program are a step-by-step guide to taking
control of your work life from a jerk boss or controlling coworker, fighting off unfair discipline,
and becoming a bulletproof employee.

This eBook is a complete system for giving you the result you want. It even includes sample
emails for you to customize to your situation and send to your boss, and your boss’s boss. The
difficult work is all done for you!

Work Laws Exposed is how you can stop dreading work and start living life again – right now.


  • People experiencing unfair discipline or criticism at work, where the atmosphere has
    turned into a hostile work environment, and they want to protect their income and take
    back control of their life
  • People who are nearing retirement, but fear they may lose their job just before their pension or benefits become secure
  • People who need additional time off work or flexible hours to recover from a hostile
    workplace, or to tend to the demands of children, parents or spouses
  • People who like most of their job, but who who can’t stand a few of their job duties that
    they need to get reassigned to someone else
  • Anyone interested in becoming a bulletproof employee that your employer can not
    terminate or discipline, no matter what you do
  • All employees who want to quit their job, but need a severance package to hold them

If Any of Those Sounds Like You, Be Sure to Act on the Great Offer I’m Making for a Very Limited

At my large law firm it would cost you a minimum of $20 just to have me answer your phone
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One of my seminars would cost a client over $2,000, and that doesn’t include the preparation
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If you sought this information elsewhere (if you could find anyone willing to reveal it) you
would have to pay at least $5,400.

If you lived in a large metropolitan area it would cost even more. Much, much more. But I’m not
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In fact, you have two options. Your total investment for the shorter, introductory “Digital Basic Version” can be as little as $57. Or, you can pay as little as $35 today for the full course e-book of “Work Laws
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So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this powerful tool away? Instead of these
powerful legal secrets remaining exclusively with the wealthy, I hope to spread this secret legal
knowledge to everyone who truly needs it.

Like I mentioned earlier I saw my own family member, my sister actually, get abused and fired
by a horrible boss. And here I was making a pretty high salary by representing bosses just like
the one that ruined my own sister’s job.

So now I’m doing something about it. I’m changing sides to help individuals from here on out,
not companies. For thousands less than big companies pay, you will receive my full eBook
course on getting your life back from a hostile or harassing boss.

You will learn the secrets of protecting yourself from unfair discipline and termination,
shortening your work day, or even leaving your job gracefully with a severance check in hand.
And then you and I will both feel better.


Bonus #1:
20 Minute Telephone Conference With The
Undercover Lawyer, a $90 value.

I may have to cancel this free bonus gift soon because my schedule is getting full. If you are
reading this, however, then bonus #1 is still available — but it may be canceled soon.

I wish I had time to offer this continually, because it’s so helpful for some people. The ability to
talk to a real human being about their harassing boss helps them to truly understand that they are
not alone, and that they can be a nice person and still assert their work rights.

Plus, you are getting to talk to someone who not only charges $265/hour for advice, but someone
who teaches employment law to MBA students.

In other words, in addition to the book “Work Laws Exposed” and all it’s secrets you will have a
personal phone conference with an expert of the highest qualifications to help you fully
understand your rights.*

workplace harassment

“It was such a pleasure vising with you on the phone. It’s reassuring to know that there
someone out there that genuinely cares
little guy (or gal)!” -Minie V., Tallahassee

“Thank you so much for taking the time for me on the phone, I truly appreciate it beyond words.” -Linda F., Roebuck Alabama

Bonus #2:
The $24.99 Job-Saving Software, “Screen

This software is a life saver! After loading it, with a single keystroke the program instantly hides
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your screen.

All you do is hit one key (or double click your computer mouse’s track-wheel) and everything
but your wallpaper disappears! This is the perfect for the person who is following my advice and
keeping detailed notes on the harassing things their boss says and does. Screen EXEtractor will:

bullet Instantly hide open windows with a secret key combination
bullet Restore all applications exactly to the same state
bullet Works fast with low system resources consumption
bullet Covers your task bar
bullet Hides your desktop icons
bullet bullet Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/Me/98 compatible.

“Works Great! Hides those Icons or apps so I can
see my wallpaper uncluttered.” Dani, Laramie WY

workplace harassment

“It’s a very nice and effective program. Thank
you guys for making this available to everyone
for free.” Jess, Knoxville, TN

Together these two bonuses alone cost $114.99 ($17.99 more than “Work Laws Exposed”). But they are yours at no extra charge.

The 3 Things Required to Benefit From the Work Laws Exposed Secret Strategies System:

  1. An Open Mind. Are you committed to improving your life, and willing
    to implement what you learn? You see, some people are negative and dismissive, even
    when presented with tested strategies that work. I don’t feel like I can help these people
    no matter how powerful my strategies are.
  2. An Investment in Yourself. You’ll need to make an investment of time to absorb the
    powerful Work Laws Exposed system and secret strategies. Also, you will need to
    complete the exercises designed to identify which employment laws will apply and
    protect you, so that you can feel secure about your job again. You’ll also need to make a
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  3. Action. The very special introductory internet prices of $57 (for the Digital Basic Version) and
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Remember, You have nothing to lose by taking me up on the special price that will momentarily expire.
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life again.

workplace harassment


I’m so confident that this information will help you that I’ll happily eliminate 105% of the risk.
That may sound crazy, but most people are honest, and I want you to be able to confidently move
forward and get the book that will drastically improve your situation at work.

So… I will actually refund 105% of the purchase price if you read the book and are unsatisfied for any reason.

You will get your life back, get your bad boss or toxic coworker off your back, or else you will
get MORE than your money back. Order Work Laws Exposed now and the worst that can
happen is that you will MAKE money from buying and reading this revolutionary eBook.


Too many people go to work each day thinking about how much better life would be if they
could only get free from a harassing boss, or out of a hostile work environment.

Now imagine changing from one of those people into someone who feels safe and secure about
their work life. Imagine yourself free of the harassing boss. You’ve followed the secret legal
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I’m sure you’ll agree that being in the second group makes for a far more satisfying life, even an
exceptional life… and thanks to “Work Laws Exposed” you won’t need to break the bank to get
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Your boss does not want you to find a way out from under their abuse. But you you HAVE found it. You CAN feel your job is safe. You CAN know that your future is secure. You DO NOT have to dread work, or your boss, any longer. My 105% money back guarantee makes it impossible for you to lose. But you can only win by clicking on “Take Action” below. I assure you, clicking on that button is what will set you free.


First, decide whether you can live with the shorter, more compact digital version of the book for $57, or whether your situation demands the full power of the full “Work Laws Exposed” E-book. Second, click on the “Take Action” button to select a one time payment, or 3 easy installment payments.


work place harrassment lawyer

The Undercover Lawyer

Buy Now

Buy Now

P.S. Remember, you can’t change a situation you don’t like and don’t deserve without having an
open mind, investing in yourself, and taking action.
Start taking back control and putting an end
to your hostile workplace this very moment, get Work Laws Exposed right now. With my 105%
guarantee it’s impossible to lose!


Hi Curt,

I wanted to let you know good news! I got my unemployment!!! I don’t know how to thank you for all your help! I know I’ve said that a million times already, but your support also helped me to keep my confidence up and move forward! I hope everything is well with you and your family. Please let me know if I owe you anything for your services. Another not so bad news is that I am going to have a second interview in a good company and hopefully they will offer me a job! They are only 15 minutes away from my home. This way I’ll spend less time driving and more time with my son after work. I will never forget this experience with being fired and going through all this mess. I really do appreciate your help. Did I tell you I am planning to go back for my MBA this year – I want to start with emphasis on business law! 🙂

Oksana K., Chicago IL

I now look at the relationship between myself and my leader as adversarial and it hurts. The only good thing right now is the fact that I found Curt and his book and the sound advice I am receiving from it. Without it I would be floundering without a clue for defense.

Oliver, Tallahase FL

Hi Curt,

I followed your advise about the letter to her work asking for ‘reasonable accommodation for ADA. In writing the letter, you sample letter was of great help and I used a lot of the quotes right out of the book. It made me smile the way it was worded. Shortly after the letter was emailed to HR, Jocelyn (my girlfriend) got her reply. It stated, “in showing ‘good faith’ your request for this ADA accommodation is granted.”

I am pretty sure the EEOC has contacted Jocelyn’s employer and they are aware of the EEOC complaint. I think they are beginning to realize that Jocelyn is going to fight back. I am so looking forward to getting the EEOC process rolling.

Thanks for you help Curt. If nothing else just using your letter about ADA time off was worth the cost of your book.

Jake J. & Jocelyn W., Nashua NH


I wanted to let you know that I am signing a severance agreement for 6 months salary paid lump sum with benefits tomorrow! Your help made this happen and the power I had was incredible. Even though there was some stress involved, it was worth every ounce of effort to get there.

I’ll post an update on the forum in the next few weeks. I broke my arm on Saturday and typing is a challenge at the moment.

Thank you for all of your help. You are making a difference in so many lives.

Susan G, East Hartford CT

I just purchased your book and loved it. Thanks!

Joe C., Oklahoma City OK

You guys are the best. Great research. Great support. Curt is terrific. Always there to provide helpful advise. BTW Curt, I love your voice on those podcasts. lol

I somehow feel more powerful having found this site. Validated and encouraged. I am going to push forward.

Melinda B., Thousand Oaks CA

Hi Curt,

Happy Holidays to you!!

We had a conversation last April, I took all your suggestions and bought your book and I am still employed. But I then had to go above my V.P. to issue a complaint against my supervisor for retaliation. Your advice was great and worked.

Reminder: I am 60; a man of 30 yrs grabbed my arm and left bruises. He was disciplined and still employed. My supervisor said “It was inappropriate for me to walk away from him”. Then after that she tried to add up incidents on me but I knew what to do.

The second investigation was into my character (hurtful) but I took advantage of EAP who has helped me see that none of this would have happened if my Manager knew how to manage. (And yes, I have some faults in this; we are looking at those as well).

I do not want to miss any of your information.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your time and advice and that I am still employed.

Allyson W., Concord MO

Hey Curt,

I followed your advice about how to get the “best unemployment/discrimination lawyer.” I would never have thought of that one if it hadn’t been for your book.

Diana A., Albany NY

Curt I wish I could take you in my own pocket, you’re awesome!!! Your book has really given me back some confidence.

-Judy D., Raleigh NC

Undercover Lawyer,

I’m so glad I found your book. I have told several of my co-workers/employees about you. I know it’s given me the confidence to speak up and defend myself and try to make things better for my co-workers.

Dave “Dimond” G., Meridian MS

As an unsolicited comment, I’d like to say: There is NO OTHER site like UNDERCOVER LAWYER! Not even close. That comes after 2+ years of obsessive searching and learning about the topic. Quite simply Curt, YOU ROCK!

Nancy S., Paducah KY

Hi Curt

I forgot to tell you thanks for being on my side. I think everyone thought I was making things up and being too sensitive. Thanks!!

BTW, I am estatic since I left that team!!! My health has improved and I even lost weight. I’ll feel even better when [my boss] finds out there is a complaint even if nothing comes out of it.

Darlene M., Katy TX

A multitude of thanks to Curt. The following story is still unbelievable to me: I filed my discrimination complaint with HR. HR told me to go f*** myself that if I had a problem with my Director I had to resolve it myself, that my evaluation cannot and will not be modified. I was still waiting to hear from the EEOC. I hadn’t filed a complaint yet, just an intake assessment online. Last week (2 weeks after hearing from HR) I was invited to a meeting with my Director and her boss. My director said that b/c of something I did the previous week it had opened her eyes to a new perspective of me. Before she had a narrow perspective but now she sees how dedicated I am to my job and she will be more than happy to modify my evaluation. Then, her boss told me how much they value me and what a tremendous job I’m doing. She then told me that I was getting a promotion!!!! And a raise!!!! I was, and still am, dumb-founded.

I didn’t think I had the courage to fight the fight and stick to it. It’s all because I listened to Curt that I found my protected class and stood my ground.

Maria S., Fort Wayne IN

Curt (The Undercover Lawyer) has allowed me to feel like I can be brave and though I am not sure what my outcome will be I am not hesistant to follow his advice and ask questions.

Denise F., Elizabeth NJ

I wanted to thank you dear Undercover Layer for all your advice, support and your book “Work Laws Exposed”!! Your book is very insightful, full of good advice, it explains OUR rights at work and as I read it I realized how little I knew about MY RIGHTS. Your book has great examples which help to better understand different scenarios and therefore it’s easier to see which scenario/group applies to me or anyone. Lastly, I’d like to say that your book is very intelligent, easy to read and follow, gives a great deal of useful information about employee’s rights, how to protect yourself from being fired, being mocked, from a mean boss etc. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking legal help, or needs a good advice or simply wants to educate themselves!

Andrea “Andy” W., Eagle ID

I feel so much better about myself and my situation thanks to Curt (The Undercover Laywer) and this forum. I wouldn’t wish this torture on ANYONE but I’m so glad we all found each other.

-Louise H., Spokane WA

Yes, this website, created by our elusive legal wonder Curt, is a blessing! A place of healing, knowledge and power.

Teresa L., Clearwater FL

A co-worker told me about this site and I knew it was a jewel the first time I visited. The information I found in the book helped me to deal with the emotional strain I was experiencing… A heartfelt thank you for helping me during one of the most treacherous storms I have endured during my time in the workforce.

Mary T., Walnut Creek CA

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