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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn Veincentotzs and the new Undercover H.R. Director (OnYourSide!)

Bully Boss Survivor Marilyn V

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A Survivor’s Story: Marilyn Veincentotzs
Episode 12 features an interview with Bully Boss survivor turned author Marilyn Veincentotzs.  Marilyn, who also goes by “Dr. Vee”, learned from “Work Laws Exposed” how to fight back against a bullying boss.  Then she helped a good friend do the same thing.  Then she took her expertise in organizational psychology and wrote a book, “How Organizations Empower Bully Bosses: A criminal in the workplace.”

Personal Help With YOUR Work Problems
In Episode 12 we also introduce a fantastic new resource for people who need help with responding to a bullying boss: The Undercover HR Person!  That’s right, our forum stalwart and HR expert, “OnYourSide”, is actually named Mary, and Mary is now available to help you with workplace issues too.  If you want help composing a letter to your boss, filing out a complaint form, preparing a timeline to use when meeting with HR, or completeing FMLA forms — then Mary is the perfect resource for you.

Hire Mary to Help You
Would you like help crafting a professional response to your boss, your HR Dept, or preparing a submission to the EEOC? You can hire Mary by contacting her at this address: Her rate is $50 per hour, and there is a 1 hr minimum. You won’t find more professional, personal help anywhere else at a rate like this. But her time is limited, so if you think you might need her help contact her soon before the limited spots are gone.

Quick Tip Contact Info:You may be closer to qualifying for social security disability than you think.   You owe it to yourself to find out just how close you are:

Want to know Marilyn’s complete story? Buy her book right here!

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  1. cinnamongirl88 says:

    Since returning part-time from being on FML for 12 weeks I have been treated terribly at my job. There is a new director and a co-worker who used to have the same job I do is my supervisor. I was humiliated in front of the new director by my supervisor on 11/20/09. I was accused from everything to porn in my email to medicaid fraud due to an incorrect date documented while at a meeting. I can not begin to tell you how awful it was. I was not written up but told I would be required to take the orientation all over again if I am approved by my physician to return to my full time position. I’ve been there since 2005 and had my updated orientation in 2008. It is not required (in policies & procedures) to re-take it after returning from medical leave or from receiving a ‘bad’ review. I was told my work is ‘unacceptable’ even though I always met the deadlines! I know I am being harrassed but how to prove it? There’s no union and I felt like I was in a trial without an attorney. I dread going in even though it is just part-time due to my health condition. A few days letter the HR dept. sent me a letter making it clear that they are going to discuss my part-time position to see if it is ‘necessary’. They are trying to get rid of me no doubt. But I refuse to quit! They are bullying me for being ill.

  2. cherylnmark says:

    help! My husband applied for the open positon of manager of his team of sales people. Another guy got the positon and ever since has been clearly singeling him out to make his job impossible. Others on the team have noticed the unique and unreasonable treatment . My husband was given a negative annual performance in contrast to consisitant high ratings from the previous boss. And, the eval was only after 3 mos with the new boss and gave no criteria for the rating. Now my husband has been put on a performance plan that is for an unusual 30 days, and even after his raising his sales ranking from 15th to 7th. Typically the company does 90 days. It is clear that the new boss is trying to drive my husband out. There are other open positions in the company and other managers that would like to have him work for them, but because of the bogus review he is prevented from transferring. We think that at least the company would respond to contact by a lawyer with perhaps an severence, is there is just no other recourse for us, but we cannot find attorneys who will spend their time on such a small potatoe. We would at least like to get some advice on how to best navigate this mess. Do you have any advice?


  1. […] Discovers how To face As much This Bullying Boss!01.13.2012 · Posted in Business·This post was written by allisonreillyzch_client="maryosumobekti";ch_width=500;ch_height=250;ch_type="mpu";ch_sid="Chitika Default";ch_backfill=1;ch_color_site_link="#CC3750";ch_color_title="#CC3750";ch_color_border="#FFFFFF";ch_color_text="#000000";ch_color_bg="#FFFFFF";The state senate has gone a bill to workers suit their bosses for medical expenses, lost pay, and emotional stress. Sixteen (16) other states will be looking at similar legislation. Attorney Adam Cohen was asked on CNN, why so much interest now? Understanding happening inside of workplace to make legislators think this is really important enough to add this in the industry?Mr. Cohen’s answer could be that the workplace is becoming a jungle. Folk have been complaining about bosses forever. Knowing the economy at the present time. Bosses are growing away that carries a lot more than they employeed to. He was asked if several federal laws into position now for protection of workers, which can include, labor laws, and hostile work environment. His answer could be that the laws we’ve are very limited.You might discover laws to preserve race or gender from harassment, even though general harassment. Items like a boss creating an employee’s face yelling and screaming, writing an experiment that is completely untrue, or even just outright bullying, are not protected at once. The feeling will this be might lead to frivolous lawsuits if somebody does not like their boss and even pay them back. Mr. Cohen emphasized which is about conduct that goes past the norm.There can be bosses that on occasion have psychological problems. Now when employees you need to visit Human Resources, this will them no real. Human Resources is for the boss’ side, not the staff. He was asked the mulch can become law would change up the work place. Many organisations already have seminars and training work with bosses and colleagues. Will this bill customize the way business manufactured in the workplace?It really is thought that this would send an indication that there could very well be lawsuits at a later time, and companies do not have lawsuits. When employers note that a bullied employee could very well bring a case, things vary. Punitive damage may tens of millions or vast sums of dollars. Whenever they employers browse their companies guarantee that Hr is doing its job. Getting filled to go to litigation, the item may lead to self-policing.What constitutes bullying versus someone just angry for a job dirty right? This can be about nearly any harassment. What constitutes sexual harassment or racial harassment? Mishaps line-drawing and definition problems. It must fit neatly in to these categories.Juries can observe when the boss contained in the workplace has crossed the cloths line. He was asked there is law could gum inside the courts, being the courts occur loaded with frivolous lawsuits. He explained that court are awesome at dismissing frivolous litigation, so they won’t end up very far. He feels which they will be well managed by the judge system.Cases which have been really extreme are cases that this harassment leaves workers disabled as so abused for the workplace. Ideally, these cases tend to be resolved properly. Bullying bosses undoubtedly have serious self-esteem issues. some need professional help.For more information please visit bullying boss […]

  2. […] For more information please visit bullying boss […]

  3. […] For more information please visit boss bullying […]

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