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Hostile Work Environment Definition

Who Is the Undercover Lawyer?

So who is this guy, you ask? I’m Curt Kosterman, a successful employment law attorney who represented big business in employment lawsuits in state and federal courts. But after seeing my own family member get abused and fired by a horrible boss, I’m changing sides to help individuals from here on out, not companies. Now with me on your side, you have someone who has advised big business on employment issues, and who has presented over 50 seminars to supervisors at large organizations on all aspects of employment law. I have a B.A., a J.D., and a M.A. My graduate degrees come from Yale and the University of California. I have taught business law to MBA students for the last five years while maintaining a busy law practice. I also have a wife, two kids and a dog (a goldfish won at a school fair recently died).

If you or someone you know has a child with autism, my heart goes out to you.  I used to try to run an autism site in addition to this one, but running two sites and my regular job left little time for actually working with my son.  Although I closed my autism site, there are many resources on the web for parents of autism.  Try and for two passionate but very different approaches.


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